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Why advertise with the Disney Guide?

The Disney Guide is one of the most popular Disney websites and our focus on the Disney means that you can be confident that advertisements will reach those with an interest in the island.

The Options

  • Banner Advertising from £56.25 per month.
  • Enhanced Listings.
  • Google AdWords.

Banner Advertising

Almost all Disney Guide pages (including this one) carry banner advertising at the top. Your advertisement will appear at least once for every ten pages sent to visitors to the site. Your banner will not be restricted to any particular set of pages, but it is possible to focus your advertisement on pages you think are likely to be of most benefit to you. For example a hotel may wish to focus on the Guide's accommodation pages, in which case the hotel's banner will show more frequently on the accommodation pages, but less frequently elsewhere around the guide.

Banner advertisements should be the industry standard size 468x60 and either a gif or jpg no larger than 15k.

One year: £675+VAT
Three months: £225+VAT
One month: £100+VAT

Enhanced Listings

The Disney Guide has a number of pages dedicated to particular industries (eg accommodation, taxis, car hire, property). We generally list businesses on those pages if they operate an affiliate programme. This provides the Disney Guide with a small income stream and ensures that you only pay if the advertising is working for you. If we don't cover your particular area of business we would be happy to consider doing so.

If you wish to list a Hotel or Bed & Breakfast we would recommend that you sign up with one of our online booking partners, either or

Google AdWords

The Disney Guide carries advertisements provided by Google. Google selects relevent AdWords advertisements based on the contents of each page. Google's advertisements are normally displayed on the right hand side below any photographs, or at the bottom of the page. Advertisers bid for position and pay per click on their advertisement. For further details please see

Contact Us

If you would like to advertise with the Disney Guide then please contact us by telephone on +44 (0)1624 665826 or email us at

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