Historic Attendance for the Disney Theme Parks

Park of making the most of your visit to the Disney World Theme Parks will be to go at a time of the year when there are less people competing for the rides and shows. So what is the busiest and least busy times of the year? Although special events and promotions may influence Theme Park attendance levels, the following list highlights historic attendance trends throughout the year:

Lowest Attendance:
January (except New Year's Day) until just prior to Presidents' week in February
The week following Labor Day until just prior to Thanksgiving week
The week following Thanksgiving until the week prior to Christmas

Moderate Attendance:
After Presidents' week in February through early March
Late April through early June (except Memorial Day weekend)
The first part of Thanksgiving week

Highest Attendance:
Presidents' week in February Mid-March through Late April ("Spring Break")
Memorial Day weekend
Mid-June through Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day and weekend
Christmas week through New Year's Day

During regular attendance periods the Theme Parks tend to be the busiest on the following days:

Magic Kingdom Park: Monday, Thursday, and Saturday
Epcot: Tuesday and Friday
Disney's Hollywood Studios: Sunday and Wednesday
Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

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