The world at your fingertips! See and experience the present and future in Future World or travel the world in the World Showcase, where you can experience the food and culture of many countries around the world.

Welcome to Disney's EPCOT - Future World

Take a ride with Figment the purple dragon and explore the senses of the body. Imagination ... imagination, a dream, a dream, a dream come true!
Innoventions East
Tom Morrow calling all great innoventions. The world of plastics, paper making and computer games come together to teach, inspire and be enjoyed.
Innoventions West
Tom Morrow calling all great innoventions. Enjoy the latest video games, explore the workings of a farm or get rockin with some robots.
Spaceship Earth
Enter a world of communication ... from the start to the possible future. Step into your own time machine and travel through key events from the past which would change the world forever.
The Land
Soar with the birds or take a boat ride through lush green houses. Eat with Chip and Dale or watch a film on the environment hosted by Simba and his friends.
The Living Seas
Dive beneath the waters with Nemo and his friends. Learn about sharks with Bruce and enjoy a 3D adventure with the turtle Crush.
Universe of Energy
Travel through time with Ellen DeGeneres aboard large passenger vichicles from the creation of the universe, through to the age of Dinosaurs and onto the modern ages of man.

Welcome to Disney's EPCOT - World Showcase

A large chateau towers over a small native indian village. Below the mountains a beautiful garden lies quietly. It offers a relaxing retreat with paved paths, trees and flowers.
In the mist lurks a colourful dragon. Soon acrobats appear ... and as the sky clears the wonders of China are revealed past the Gate of the Golden Sun.
The delights of Paris await, complete with fine food and shopping. The market place garden sets the scene below towering French Architecture.
Festivals of Fun await you in a German village setting. Stroll through an area of local beauty with so many smells, sights and tastes.
Marking the entrance is the bell tower of St Mark's Square. The unique archicture is similar to that of the famour city of Venice.
A bright red object marks the distant land of Japan; and as you pass near the Torii Gate you will notice how different the vegitation has become as well as the archetecture. From a Japanese shrine to a rock garden nothing is too big nor too small to be reflected upon.
A large pyramid rises high near an area of thick tree vegitation. Inside a long and rich history is explored in detail. Experience the wonder of Mexico from past to present!
Climbing high up into the sky is a remarkable prayer tower. Below a unique market place with hidden nooks and amazing finds.
Experience the wonders of Scandinavia. Catch sight of the Viking ship and you wi ll know you are near and once you are past the wooden church a wonderful land aw aits you.
United Kingdom
Just past the red phone box lies the land of Fish and Chips! Well perhaps there is more to the UK than that, but if you want to find out ask at the local pub.
Can you hear the "Voice of Liberty" or the Fife and Drums of the Corp? If you can then you have just entered the Amercan Adventure! Complete with Concert Theatre and Colonial style architecture.
Universe of Energy in Future World at Disney Epcot

United Kingdom in the World Showcase at Disney Epcot

Test Track in Future World at Disney Epcot

China in the World Showcase at Disney Epcot

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