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Future World

Take a ride with Figment the purple dragon and explore the senses of the body. Imagination ... imagination, a dream, a dream, a dream come true!
Innoventions East
Tom Morrow calling all great innoventions. The world of plastics, paper making and computer games come together to teach, inspire and be enjoyed.
Innoventions West
Tom Morrow calling all great innoventions. Enjoy the latest video games, explor e the workings of a farm or get rockin with some robots.
Spaceship Earth
Enter a world of communication ... from the start to the possible future. Step into your own time machine and travel through key events from the past which would change the world forever.
The Land
Soar with the birds or take a boat ride through lush green houses. Eat with Chip and Dale or watch a film on the environment hosted by Simba and his friends.
The Living Seas
Dive beneath the waters with Nemo and his friends. Learn about sharks with Bruce and enjoy a 3D adventure with the turtle Crush.
Universe of Energy
Travel through time with Ellen DeGeneres aboard large passenger vichicles from the creation of the universe, through to the age of Dinosaurs and onto the modern ages of man.
Think Place of Innovestions West of Future World at Disney Epcot

Advance Training Lab at Mission Space in Future World at Disney Epcot

Journey into Imagination with Figment at Imagination in Furture World at Disney Epcot

Living with the Land in Future World at Disney Epcot

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