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The Living Seas

Dive beneath the waters with Nemo and his friends. Learn about sharks with Bruce and enjoy a 3D adventure with the turtle Crush.

Opened in 1986, though extensively revamped since. Descend into the world of water for an under the sea adventure at the Sea Base Alpha reasearch facility. Meet thousands of tropical fish as well as some dolphins, sharks and even manatees. For certificated scuba visitors there is the option to slip on a wet suit for a close-contact experience with DiveQuest or Dolphins of the Depth. Discover the mysteries and wonder of the living seas on your clam-mobile with Nemo and his friends as they sing you through their story based on the cartoon. Go swimming with Crush the Turtle or hang out in Bruce's Sub House.

There are regularly scheduled marine presentations. Check out the duty roster on the outside of the observation deck for more information. Ask a cast member about the schedule entertaining and educational feeding session at the nursery. Don't miss the display using Sir Edmund Halley's first diving bell and a 16th century diving helmet by Flavious Vegetus Renatus.

The Living Seas at Disney Epcot

Manatees The Living Seas at Disney Epcot

Diver in the Living Seas at Disney Epcot

The Living Seas of Furture World at Disney Epcot

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