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Honey, I Shunk the Audience

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Type: 3D Film
Park: Epcot
Location: Imagination
When To Go: When the park opens
Duration: 20 Minutes
Number of Seats: 570
Presented By: Kodak
Photo/Video Restrictions: No PhotographyNo Flash PhotographyNo Video Cameras


You might have seen the films, but now you can experience the magic of being small! This radical 3D cinema film has a few surprises. Don't forget to put on your safety goggles because when Professor Wayne Szalinski gets in a muddle things go a little strange. One minute there are mice running around under foot and the next a toddler is about to crush you! Are we sure this scientist should be receiving an "Inventor of the Year" award? Even if he did invent the Dimensional Duplicator and Incredible Shrinking Machine.

Based on two popular Walt Disney Pictures -- "Honey, I Shrunk The Kids" and "Honey, I Blew Up The Kid" -- the performance "on stage" at the Imagination Institute Auditorium features the original Szalinski film family -- the invention-happy professor, his trusting wife, Diane, their sons, Nick and Adam, as well as their frisky dog, Quark.


In Imagination at Future World in Disney Epcot. From the entrance pass under the big ball of Spaceship Earth and take the first right before the Fountain and pass under the buildings of Innoventions. The Land is straight ahead; at its sign turn left and continues to the glass pyramids. This attraction is on the right side of the building up the ramped walkway.


An impressive 3D film experience with lots of visual surprises. Honey, I Shrunk the Audience continues to be a popular attraction. Visitors first enter a waiting room where Kodak gets a chance to show off their true colors in a video presentation put to music. After this introduction the doors open to the auditorium. Visitors put on 3D glasses and get ready for some real effective special effects. Visitors are reduced to the size of a bread box, which sets the stage for all the action. The seats are also hooked up into the fun and some physical sensations from hidden sources also give visitors a shock. Visitors dodge flying objects, brace against their seat backs and even jam their knees up under their chins. There are also some surprises by a herd of scurrying white-mice clones, the feeling of being caught in a shower of breaking glass, getting jarred by giant tennis shoes and shaken by the 90-decibel "WOOF" of a gargantuan dog. Get ready to be scared, disgusted, amazed!

Honey I Shrunk the Audience in Furture World at Disney Epcot

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